TrackNow offers industry-specific tracking products and software applications for key vertical markets
Civil Machinery & Equipment Industry
Dry & Wet Hire Operations

Track Now specializes in solutions for the civil machinery industry. Live operational data allows our customers to make decisive decisions in the field. Track Now solutions for the civil industry also allow machines to be remotely secured with the confidence of security whilst left on site. Utilizing our software and hardware we can build guaranteed efficiencies into your business. Find out more on what we can do  for your business.

Service Industry
Plumbers, Electricians, Mobile Service Based Businesses

Track Now allows you to improve your service business capabilities through our software platforms . Live data feeding into your office can assist your operations in better planning arrival times, billing and proof of deliveries. Our systems and hardware allow you to see when drivers start , stop and accept jobs. Build confidence and KPI's with real data for your clients to view. Introduce Track Now and find out how we can change your business.  

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Transport Industry
Local Trucks, Line Haul Operations

Track Now offers the transport industry a point of difference to improve not just operations through GPS telemetry but also driver safety. Track Now provides fatigue management cameras and artificial intelligence to monitor real time driver behavior. Our hardware capability extends to monitoring safe drive plans , driver identification and up to 1 month of live data recording with up to 8 cameras. Tailored solutions for all sizes of transport focused organizations. Let us build safety and KPIs through telemetry into your business.

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Storage & Fixed Assets
Containers, Generators, Compactors, Refrigeration

Track Now specializes in non powered assets that require both live and spot tracking capability. Featured hardware includes extended battery duration  through built in solar panels and rechargeable lithium battery options. All units have external power inputs for live tracking. Our fixed asset trackers are also have global roaming capability for container shipments with on boarded  technologies specific to IOT, LORA and Sigfox. Take advantage of monitoring assets you never thought was possible and find out more from Track Now. 

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Medical & Aged Care Industry
Personal Devices, Medical Equipment

Track Now specializes in purpose built medical tracking products as well as personal care units. Medical emergencies happen at all ages of life and having connectivity with your loved one or been notified of an incident can make all the different. Portable wearable devices as well as fixed units for SOS and activity alarms are available. Special needs requirements products are available let Track Now be a solution and ask us what we can offer you. 

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Pet & Live Stock Industry
Live Stock & Family Pets  

Track Now can produces wearable animal devices for pets and live cattle stock. The units have the ability for long duration's of battery back up and a range of fitting hardware for all animals. Utilizing Track Now platforms you are able to GEO fence areas and better manage your stock through live GPS telematics. Find out more on how we can assist your pet and animal tracking needs.